B.J. Palmer Memorial Home
St. Armands Key      Sarasota, Florida 
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Located at 342 North Washington Drive Sarasota Florida, the B.J. Palmer Memorial Home is owned and operated by the B.J. Palmer Historic Home Foundation, a non-profit organization. This Florida home, where B.J. lived out his final years, is situated on Pansy Bayou - a manatee protected waterway. The home is laced with personal memorabilia, historic chiropractic publications and artifacts, and a collection of original furniture owned by B.J. Palmer. This domicile memorializes B.J. as "The Developer of Chiropractic" and will remind you of how B.J.'s faith and perseverance resulted in an on-going service to humanity.

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     Photo courtesy of Mike Wayne Photo & Design, Sarasota, Fl- © All Rights Reserved

A Tropical Paradise on Manatee Refuge

Completely renovated in 2011 to preserve its historic legacy, this home provides an excellent choice for dynamic small executive meetings, family gatherings or the perfect getaway. A short 5 minute walk offers the enchanting Circle of St. Armands that provides an unforgettable experience for visitors from around the globe. Over 130 exclusive shops, gourmet restaurants, and art galleries surround St. Armands Circle Park and its Ring of Fame, a tribute to circus greats from all over the world. Circus magnate and former owner of St. Armands, John Ringling, envisioned and developed the concept of a premier shopping plaza roundabout with adjoining luxury homes. Decades later St. Armands Circle has fulfilled John Ringling’s dream. A combination of palm lined streets and lush tropical plantings create a graceful synthesis of past and present.



St. Armands Key is just a few miles from Downtown Sarasota with its myriad of cultural activities and restaurants. Take your time and walk through historic Sarasota or spend the day at The John and Mable Ringling Museum which includes the Ca’ d’Zan Mansion, The Museum of Art, The Circus Museum, and the Historic Asolo Theater. B. J. Palmer was an avid fan of the circus and was instrumental in the creation of the Circus Hall of Fame. He was a collector of circus memorabilia including the world famous circus wagon “Two Hemispheres”. The Circus Hall of Fame became home for “Two Hemispheres” which was the largest and most colorful circus wagon ever built.


    B.J. Palmer (r) and Vern Link with the Two Hemispheres Band Wagon, circa 1950

(Our sincerest appreciation goes to Joe Foley, DC for donating this photo.)


Enjoy solitude and the beauty of the ocean cove at North Lido Beach located on Lido Key. The beach is very private and a short ten minute walk from the Palmer home. At the southern tip of the beach is South Lido Park. The Park is bordered by four bodies of water and offers views of the Gulf and the skyline of downtown Sarasota. Visitors can enjoy playground equipment, nature trails, and a picnic area shaded by Australian Pines, and more.



The B. J. Palmer Memorial Home is waterfront property to Pansy Bayou, a manatee refuge. The Florida manatee, or sea cow, is a large aquatic mammal that can be found in shallow costal waterways. These gentle giants are endangered throughout their range and can grow up to 15 feet long with a weight of 3,000 pounds. Pansy Bayou is considered a manatee habitat and provides a place for these protected marine mammals to eat and rest. Manatees are born under water and calves drink their mother’s milk. Calves weigh around 40 pounds at birth and are dependent on their mother for nutrition. Adults are voracious grazers of water grasses, weeds and algae found in the backyard bayou. 


The B. J. Palmer home offers complete privacy and tranquility and the perfect opportunity to embellish the rich history of Palmer’s later years. With only the sounds of sea birds to interrupt your day the home offers a full kitchen and dining room, 3 bedrooms (2 queen, and a set of twins) and 3 bathrooms on the main level, a breezeway for reading and reflection, Wi-Fi, leisure room with cable TV, and patio. The library and intimate living room contain Palmer’s Roycroft furniture, Grand Piano and numerous other one of a kind artifacts. The bedroom and bathroom of Colonel Palmer, as he was known to many of his circus friends, remains intact and is available for viewing.  Additionally, a private suite on the upstairs level called The Hideaway is furnished with a king bed, bathroom, private sitting area, separate entrance from the main house, and private deck.



For more information on planning an exclusive visit to the B. J. Palmer Memorial home, call Susan at (770)-499-9209 or fill out a request form on our Contact page. 

The Chiropractic Journal Article - August 2011



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