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Tours, Donations, and Current Initiatives of the B. J. Palmer Memorial Home

Tours are scheduled by appointment only. Requests may be submitted on the Contact Us page or by calling (770)-499-9209.


Monetary donations of any amount are accepted for the preservation and restoration of the B. J. Palmer Memorial Home. Your charitable donation is eligible for a tax credit, as the BJPHHF is a non-profit organization. Atlas and Axis level donors, please contact us to schedule a personal tour or an exclusive visit so that you can experience first-hand how your donation is being utilized for the preservation and restoration of the B. J. Palmer Memorial Home.

The BJPHHF has taken great care to preserve the authenticity of B. J.‘s Beach House. Hundreds of chiropractors have donated B. J.‘s personal items, dozens of rare photographs, newspaper articles, and furnishings that belonged to Palmer. Authenticated collectables may be accepted based on condition and available storage. Due to limited display space, the donor acknowledges that the BJPHHF is not obligated to exhibit the object however artifacts will be rotated seasonally.

Current Initiatives for Designated Giving

Currently two significant artifacts are in need of restoration; the Concert Grand Piano and the first Thompson prototype table.

The Concert Grand Piano was donated by Dr. Richard Bend Sr. (Michigan) in honor of his parents Drs. Chandler and Catherine Bend. Dr. Chandler Bend was the first blind chiropractor.

The piano was hand crafted by Paul G. Mehlin & Sons of New York (German decent) circa 1920. According to Dr. Bend the first owner was the world renowned entertainer, Madame Ernestine Schumann Heink. To accompany her performances the piano was moved from town to town until it was sold to the RKO Theatre in Davenport. The piano was originally white during its time in the theatre.

Polish concert pianist and composer, Ignace Jan Paderewski, performed a concert in Davenport at which time Palmer set out to own the collectible piano. On campus it was kept in the B. J. Palmer Clinic and often photographed on stage in front of the knife collection. Upon B. J.’s death it was moved to the men’s dormitory where it sustained cigarette burns and string damage. Dr. Bend purchased the piano (at Dr. Dave’s authority) for $25 and moved it to Texas, then later donated it to the B. J. Palmer Memorial Home. The Piano is currently on display however it needs restoration of the keys and a professional tuning and cleaning. The approximate cost of cleaning and tuning is $250. The cost of repair of the ivory keys is unknown (estimate needed) however this can be very expensive into the thousands.

The first prototype Thompson table was donated by Dr. Clay Thompson. This table was brought to B. J.’s Beach House in Sarasota by Dr. Clay for B. J.’s input and approval. Dr. Thompson gave the table to B. J. as a gift which he kept in his home and was regularly adjusted on by Dr. Brownell. The table is not on display at this time due to its condition and need for repair. The estimated cost of repair is $1,000.
hanks to the generous donation from Dr. John and Ruth Grone.

The water fountain in the front yard needs a new timer and a leak repaired. The cost of repair is $150.

Guests are welcome to sit in and enjoy B.J.'s twin chairs which are located in the library. Both chairs are splitting at the center seam and have lacerations on the back piece. The cost to reupholster each chair is $875, totaling $1750 for both.


Quality beach towels are needed for guests. Towels start at $25 each.

The Palmer home is in need of a new well. The old - original well is contaminated with salt water seepage and can no longer be used for irrigation of the grounds. It will cost $10,5000 to drill a new well.


Facing the water is a total of 6 sliding glass doors of which are extremely old and cannot be repaired. In order to protect the contents of the home hurricane impact doors are required which cost $3000 each (door and installation). Sarasota Glass & Mirror will be contracted to complete this project.


A DVD player has been graciously donated for the leisure room from one of our board members.

Thanks to an anonymous donor we now have a new TV in the leisure room.

B.J. Palmer Historic Home Foundation
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